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Travel company "Asia Adventures" was founded in 2006 by professionals who have experience in the field of international tourism since 1991.
We arrange all kinds of tours and travels in Uzbekistan and Central Asia. Our company works with most hotels in Uzbekistan and has its own modern and comfortable transport, a staff of experienced tour operators and guide-interpreters.

Over the years, we have developed such a policy: people want to travel to Central Asia — we should give them this opportunity. We are ready to provide non-standard and large-scale tours as well. In parallel with this, we are on guard of nature: in our tours we are guided by the famous saying “take only pictures, leave only footprints”.

A lot of our active tours are held in untouched and unexplored places. All of our guides know how to interact properly with nature in such places:
We are against forest fires, so we use gas equipment;
 - We are for cleanliness, so we always take all the garbage with us;
 - We are against harm to animals, so we don’t arrange hunting tours.

Starting from 2018 Asia Adventures is interested in partnership with Travelife, that should let us arrange more sustainable service to the tourists.

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