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Tours in Kazakhstan

Tours in Kazakhstan

Tours in Kazakhstan are fascinating and cognitive.

Kazakhstan has a huge travelling potential. History-lovers can visit the biggest in Central Asia Yassaviy’s mausoleum (XV c.) in South Kazakhstan. It is impossible to be not delighted with the capital of Kazakhstan – wonderful Astana, it is a world architectural wonder. Charyn canyon, singing barkhan, lakes and rocks of Borovoe resort, petroglyphs of Tamgaly, mountain lakes Issyk, Kolsay, Big Almata, mountain forests of Tien Shan firs, canyons, waterfalls, mountain peaks and passes of Tien Shan, chalky mountains Mangystau, here is incomplete list of wonderful nature sights of Kazakhstan. Here you can touch the universe secret, have watched the starting of space rockets on Baykonur cosmodrome.

We offer you the most interesting and popular Kazakhstan’s tours, but according to your wishes we will make any program with any duration, places for visit, vehicles.

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