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Tours in Turkmenistan

Tours in Turkmenistan

Tours in Turkmenistan will get acquainted you with ancient culture and history, unique nature, modern “the Golden Age” of Turkmenistan.

Turkmenistan is an amazing country, surviving its ancient culture and centuries-old traditions. The biggest part of Turkmenistan is Kyzylkum desert, but in spite of this Turkmenistan was an intersection of Eastern and Western cultures.more...

Whole civilizations of Parfia, Margiana, Khorezm, Seljuks were appeared, thrived, achieved its unbelievable power and become extinct here. Antique monuments of ancient Nisa, medieval Merv and Kunya-Urgench were put on the list of the world heritage of UNESCO. Wonderful museums save invaluable historical artifacts. Very famous Akhalteke horses and Turkmen carpets are the national pride of Turkmens. Only here are the holidays of melon, horses, gigantic golden statues of the president, huge monuments and white-marble palaces and cities.

World-famous “Gates to the hell” – eternal burning gas crater Darvaza, cuestas of ancient sea, Yangikala canyons, underground lake of Bakharden cave, dinosaur’s footstep, the most beautiful in the world gypsum caves in Koytendaga mountains and wonderful Caspian resort Avaza.

We offer you the most interesting and popular Turkmenistan’s tours, but according to your wishes we will make any program with any duration, places for visit, vehicles.

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