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Culture of Uzbekistan

Culture of Uzbekistan
"Boysun Bakhori" (Baisun Spring)
Baisun is the centre of a district in Surkhandarya province located 150 km north of the city of Termez in the south of Uzbekistan. This green and cosy...
"The Magic of Dance"
The Magic of Dance International Festival is traditionally organised in ancient Khiva, Khoresm province, Uzbekistan, in early September (in 2017 betwe...
"The Shark Taronlari"
The Shark Taronlari International Festival is the most popular and prestigious song competition and festival in Central Asia. The festival is organise...
"Silk and Spices"
Silk and Spices is one of Uzbekistan's oldest festivals. The event is traditionally organised in the wonderful ancient Bukhara in May, every year sinc...
Uzbekistan Holidays
The principal holidays in Uzbekistan today are Navruz and the Independence Day. The Independence Day is celebrated on 1 September since 1991, ...

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