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Trekking is one of the most interesting kinds of active and cognitive tourism at countryside.

Nature of Central Asia provides unlimited trekking facilities. There are situated highest summits of Pamir and Tien-Shan, whose peaks beyond the clouds reach an altitude of 7,5 km above sea level. Each of these regions is unique and interesting in its way.

"Asia Adventures" Travel Company is being arranged trekking tours in all countries of Central Asia for more than 20 years already. Routes published on our web-site are mostly top popular and available for any healthy man or even for retired people. By special request we can prepare the route of any difficulty: from easiest routes (taking part in them would be as interesting for grown-ups as for children) to the extremely difficult (including expeditions to five-, six- and even seventhousanders).

"Asia Adventures" has all necessary equipment for mountain camps, our experienced guides will ensure your safety and comfort at the route of any difficulty.

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