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Gulkam canyon

Gulkam canyon

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Gulkam canyon

The itinerary: Tashkent – Chimgan – Pesochniy pass – Maliy Chimgan peak – Gulkam canyon – Mazasay river – Yusuphona – Charvak reservoir – Tashkent

        Gulkam canyon is situated in the national nature park Ugam – Chatkal, near the popular rest place of Tashkent people and capital guests – Chimgan – mountain skiing resort (only 85 km. from Tashkent). Such nearness allows to change (1, 5 hour way) the fuss of megapolis into the quietness and comfort of the mountain.

Mountain experience: not necessary
An active part takes: 4-5 hours, including the road 8-9 hours.

A picturesque approach to the canyon from Chimgan settlement across the Pesochniy pass is also very interesting (1900m.) The rout from the road till Pass with height difference takes about 40 – 60 minutes even for untrained tourists. From the pass you can rise 200m higher up to the Maliy Chimgan top (2100m.) From the top opens a very magnificent view to the surrounded mountains. As if on your palm are the ranges of Ugam, Chatkal and Pskem; the mirror of Charvak reservoir shines in the sun with its sinking Pskem, Koksu, and Chatkal rivers; you can see the most beautiful Aukashka peak (Ohotnichiciy 3100m.), flowering valleys, legendary Brichmulla settlement (remember the fiery song of S. Nikitin “ Golden Brichmulla”). Going down from the Pass to the Gulkam canyon across shady Birch Grow you enjoy the quietness and views on valley. Passing the Gulkam canyon you go to an expecting car. Here you can make a picnic. While driving to Tashkent you can swim in cold waters of Chimgan reservoir.

What you need to take with: small rucksack, water, snack, mountain boots, sun glasses, cream, cap, warm close (depends on weather), sport shoes, slight coat, photo camera.

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